Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is the high-class resort located on the South Coast of Tenerife Island of Canary Islands. The resort attracts several tourists with its attractive activities, attractions, beautiful sandy beaches, luxurious resorts, hotels, villas and top-class restaurants. This beautiful Tenerife holidays resort guarantees fun, relaxation, activities, and adventure for the guests of all ages.

The place offers activities for everyone from the children to the old adults can participate in the activities. Costa Adeje offers a lot of outdoor fun and activities. You can enjoy wind surfing or jet-skiing, or you can as well watch dolphins and whales in natural surroundings. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, then take a boat tour to the coast. The place is the perfect destination for the golf lovers.

Costa Adeje

Landscape and stunning views at Golf Costa Adeje.

If you are visiting the place along with kids, then you don’t need to worry as it is easy to entertain the kids at Costa Adeje. The family of all age groups can enjoy the two outstanding and fun-filled water parks, including Siam Park and Aqualand. The Siam Park is the largest park in Europe. Siam Park offers a lot of exciting activities, rides, slides, and more for kids, and at Aqualand, you can enjoy the magnificent dolphin show.

The Costa Adeje Resort is a comparatively new resort. Resort quickly became popular and now it is one of the best resorts that the visitors prefer to stay when they visit the south coast Tenerife. The Costa Adeje is an all-inclusive resort that offers perfect beaches, top-class boutiques, and smart eateries. Also, the resort is next to the popular Playa de Las Palmas, and it is also close to the world’s largest water parks.

Sandy beaches:

Costa Adeje offers the perfect beaches, including two Blue Flag beaches. The slate-colored bend at Playa Fanabe, and the human-made Playa del Duque. However, the Playa Fanabe looks different; it does not look like Canarian extend. The beach is filled with light-gold sand, and you can find several thatched parasols, loungers, and changing cabins.

Costa Adeje Beach

Costa Adeje

Active Nightlife:

The Costa Adeje offers lively nightlife. The bars that are surrounded mostly around San Eugenio, where you can also see live cabaret and music playing loud to drag in the customers. The resort also offers the visitors to enjoy two-night shows from ABBA tribute comedy to acts shows.

Trips to Playa de Las Americas:

Costa Adeje is close to several other popular resorts, and it takes just ten minutes drive to reach the famous Playa de Las Americas. This amazing Costa Adeje resort offers various activities, including a boat ride to see dolphins, bungee jump available at Sky Park, or just have a relaxed time at the resort. The resort is also close to the famous family beach and Siam Park.

When to visit Costa Adeje?

The summer in Spain can range from hot to super hot. At mainland the temperatures during the months July and August, it will be at 30 degree Celsius, and you will see 11hrs of sunshine a day at Balearics. In the Canary Islands, the temperature will be at 20 degrees Celsius. Also in the Canary Islands, the spring and autumn seasons are warm as the temperature will be in mid 20 degree Celsius. The Canary Island is an all around the year destination as it maintains the same levels of temperature (with a slight difference) throughout the year.

Costa Adeje is one of the best Tenerife accommodation resorts on the south side of the island.