Costa Del Silencio Tenerife

The Costa del Silencio Tenerife is located on the south coast of Tenerife Island. Costa Del Silencio Tenerife is the first tourist resort built in Tenerife. This place allows you to fulfill all your holiday dreams and makes your vacation in Tenerife Island of the Canary Islands the memorable one.

The island offers a pleasant climate that makes you feel the Atlantic Breeze and also offers the heat of Africa. It is one of the best and top water sports destinations in Spain.

Costa Del Silencio Tenerife Is Perfect For Adventures

The Costa Del Silencio Tenerife has amazing beaches. Around the coastline, you can find the majestic volcanic Mountains and beautiful sceneries all over the place. It offers serene surroundings, and you can also witness the Spanish culture, delicious Spanish dishes, and services. It is the perfect place for adventurers, beach-lovers, sports fans, and cultural explorers.

Costa del silencio tenerife

Alborada Beach Club – Costa Del Silencio Tenerife

This Costa del Silencio is the purpose-built resort that actually does not have its own beach. But, it attracts many tourists with its beautiful structure and facilities. This resort is famous among Belgian and German visitors, and also the resort welcomes many British tourists.

Families and the young couple can equally enjoy their stay in the resort. The place is close to several amenities and busier spots. The popular Playa de Las Americas takes ten minutes drive.

Though it does not have a beach, it takes a small walk to reach Las Galletas. If you go little further, you can reach the famous Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos. The resort offers several activities to keep its visitors occupied. The activities and amenities, including children’s play ground, parks, tennis, mini golf, and squash. You don’t find many water sports because of the rocky coastline. However, snorkeling is very famous, and it is considered as the best diving spots in Tenerife.

Resort Is Only 30 Minutes Away From Airport

The Costa Del Silencio is a small resort that offers a choice of restaurants, bars, and shops that are available in a large range at the nearest Playa de Las Americas resort. It takes approximately 20 minutes from Tenerife South Airport to the resort.

When you visit the Costa Del Silencio, it worth staying in the resort as it is close to several activities especially near to Las Galletas. The name Costa Del Silencio means “The silent coast” in English. Yes, the name totally suits the place many years ago. Now it is a popular tourist place and many tourists stay in this resort during their visit to Tenerife. I

n 1978, the Reina Sofia International Airport was opened that is 12km away to the north east Tenerife. So, many people stay in this resort as it is easy to reach the airport. It takes just fifteen minutes to reach the airport from the Costa Del Silencio Resort.

Costa Del Silencio Tenerife

Costa Del Silencio Tenerife

The small innate harbor has been extended to offer quayside for a growing number of holiday craft. There is a boardwalk behind the harbor where you can find several fish restaurants that offer delicious seafood. You will also see several other shops, restaurants, and bars. This area has become a trendy meeting place for visitors and locals alike.

The resort offers wonderful services and facilities. It is worth staying at the Costa Del Silencio Tenerife resort for relaxed Tenerife holidays.

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