Golf Del Sur Tenerife

Golf Del Sur Tenerife is a beautiful golf course and holiday resort located in Tenerife Island, in San Miguel de Abona City. The resort has been expanded tremendously in the recent years and now it is considered as one of the popular and major resorts for tourists. The resort is situated beside the marina and golf course, and people from all over the world love to stay in this hotel for the same reason.

The Golf Del Sur Tenerife is developed into a more serene with its tranquil environments and surroundings. Also, the place gives you a peaceful atmosphere unlike the Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos, which is considered as the crowded and busier neighbors.

Golf del Sur Tenerife… Beaches, Golf courses, and a Sleepy Town:

Golf Del Sur started as a private resort and it displays the same, and this tranquil town snuggles into South Tenerife and enclosed by lustrous marina and golf courses. The coast is covered with pebbles and black-sand, and this rocky coastline is lined up with several authentic hotels. In the east Tenerife, you will find the small town center and a variety of pubs, top-shelf lounge bars, and various restaurants. The best thing is this beautiful resort is just 20 minutes away from the popular and the busiest neighbors the Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas.

This beautiful and laid back Golf Del Sur Tenerife is located on the Southern Coastline of Tenerife Island. It takes a short drive to reach the resort from the South Tenerife Airport. The resort is located in a serene location, where you see the roads are lined with shrubs, plants, and palm trees. That makes the place delightful compares to other areas in Tenerife.

Golf del sur Tenerife

Golf del Sur Tenerife


Apart from Golf course, Golf Del Sur is the perfect option for the family holiday. It is perfect and serene atmosphere. The place is also close to some of the popular beaches and also close to famous Winter Gardens Spa Resort.

If you want to go for a shopping then go to San Blas. It is a commercial place where you can find everything, including day to day needs. It is very close to the resort and offers all services and facilities that are needed for your holiday in Tenerife. Also, the Los Abrigos a local village is very close. There you can find several mouthwatering seafood restaurants and harbor.

Golf: The Golf Del Sur Resort is home to twenty-seven-hole championship golf course, driving range and academy.

Eating out:

Several varieties of restaurants & bars are located both in the local villages and the resort. But, if you are looking for more exciting options, then go to the Playa de Las Americas or Los Cristianos resorts. It takes just 15mintues to reach the place from the Golf Del Sur Resort.


The Tenerife Island of Canary Islands offers the best climate all around the year. The island is famously known as the Eternal Spring. In Tenerife, the temperature drops below 16 degrees Celsius very rarely. In summer it does not rise above 30 degree Celsius. The climate of Tenerife Island is inclined to North Africa’s climatic conditions.