Las Galletas Tenerife

Las Galletas Tenerife is located on the South Coast of Tenerife. It is a classic village of the Tenerife of the Canary Islands, with narrow streets and scenic harbor where you can find a lot of small fishing boats. The seafront area is filled with restaurants, bars, and cafes where you can relax on the beach and enjoy your vacation overlooking the beautiful sea.

But the town’s tranquil atmosphere attracts some tourists as they can enjoy the calm and serene surrounding of the town. This kind of serene atmosphere the tourist can’t get along the coast and other tourist places in Tenerife. It is the perfect place for your Tenerife accommodation.

Las Galletas Tenerife – The Biscuits

Las Galletas means “The Biscuits” and the name is originated from an incidence happened in the 19th century, in that period a merchant ship was carrying a cargo of biscuits was stuck just before the coast, and all the biscuits washed up on the shore, and the residents of that place started calling Las Galletas Tenerife, and now the town is known by that name only.

Currently, Las Galletas Tenerife is a budding fishing port, with a pier and harbor, also, you can find a fish market. Here, the fishermen place makeshift stalls and sell fresh fish from the sea immediately after they catch the fish.

The town also attracts few tourists and they make some holiday money through these visitors. The place also attracts tourists with its rocky beach. Though the town offers limited amenities, it is worth visiting the traditional town to learn the history and the culture of the Tenerife.

Las Galletas Tenerife

Las Galletas Tenerife

Enjoy Relaxing Vacation

The pathway running along looks pleasant, and the place is not filled with the mass crowd, neither the walkways are crowded. This town is the pleasant tourist spot if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing Tenerife holidays.

The street is designed very narrowly, in a short grid formation and all the streets are one-way. You can also find the expanded pedestrian area. This tranquil town is worth visiting as you can experience the true Tenerife Island culture and traditions. The place gives you the essence of the beautiful Canary Islands away from the city life.

The Las Galletas is close to Costa del Silencio. It takes a short drive from Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos. These are also the good places to visit.

Las Galletas Tenerife

Las Galletas Tenerife Island

Las Galletas Beaches

Town has a small beach with black volcanic rocks and sand. The place is famous for its sunny weather. The sunbathers can enjoy the hot weather during the day. The sea water is fresh and crystal clear you can take bath without any fear. The beach has showers for visitors, so you can play in the sand as much as you want and take shower to remove the sand before you leave the place. You can see the surfers visiting the place in the evenings, and the clear water makes it good for diving.