Living in Tenerife

Tenerife, the beautiful island is the best place to live which it gives several advantages to people living in Tenerife. The residents of the island are very friendly and they will bond with you easily. They make friends easily.

Living in Tenerife can be fun as you will experience various things and meet people with different ideologies… with different livelihood and habits.

Living in Tenerife

Living in Tenerife

You will get to know a lot of new people once you start living in Tenerife. They will invite you to their homes for drink or meals. If you have the ability to develop a great association and friendship… you will be regularly introduced to others. You cannot say the sentence “no thank you” to the locals. Sometimes they just don’t accept it and they will ask you ask you again.

Eternal Spring Island

You will enjoy excellent weather through the year. Golden sand beaches, black sand beaches, and palm trees make a remarkable coastline. The mountains offer an extraordinary background. With Mount Teide at the center of the island with stunning Canarian pine forests and rock formations. Beautiful nature and nice weather are main reasons that so many people chose to start living in Tenerife.

Living in Tenerife

Tenerife is a very popular tourist destination, and the tourism is the huge part of the Island. Every year, millions of people visit the island, and the number is increasing all the time. Many of them like living in Tenerife and they stay on the island for a long time. A lot of them for ever.

Want to move in Tenerife temporarily or permanently?

If so then is the perfect time to apply for residence permit. You will need a “Certificado de Residencia.’

living in Tenerife

Hello Tenerife

Don’t worry it wouldn’t take a lot of your time… and it is not hard work required. Just take your passport or ID and go visit the police station and get. I am not joking. You will get a Certificado de Residencia application at NPS (National Police Station).

For people from EU countries, it is actually very easy to get all the papers. All they need to do is to register the proof of their presence on the island with authorities.

Buy or rent a property in Tenerife

It is time to visit authorities again. If you want to buy a property or work in Tenerife, then need a FID number (Foreigners Identification Number).

Living in Tenerife

Living in Tenerife

To buy property in Tenerife, first of all, you are required to obtain a long-term rental place. Most of the properties in the Tenerife are apartments. You will have to pay rent between 500 Euros to 1000 Euros per month. Also, it depends on the location, and the rooms of the apartment.

Villa or house will cost you around 1200 Euros per month. Because of the recent increase in the cost of the fuel, the utility bills, including water and electricity bills are occasionally included in the rent.

With some research before you leave your home, you will have a great Tenerife holidays.