Masca Tenerife

Masca Tenerife is a beautiful and a small scenic mountain village on the Tenerife Island of the Canary Islands. Around 90 residents live in this Mascas village. The village is situated at a 650m altitude in the Macizo de Teno Mountains that are stretched up to the north west of Tenerife.

The forest is full of palm trees and cypress trees.

The village is one of the charming and scenic parts of the northwest of the island.

Masca Tenerife

Hiking in Masca

How To Reach The Village?

To reach this beautiful Masca village is not very easy, but it is worth visiting though it is a difficult journey. All through the way to Masca, you will enjoy the lush green flora and zigzag roads with thin bends.

You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery on the way. You will be overwhelmed by the stunning beauty of the location, once you reach the village.

If you are a photographer, then this is the place that makes your dream come true. Masca Tenerife is a truly a photographers destination.

Masca Tenerife is the stunning village. Houses look like they are hanging on the edge of the mountain. The beautiful narrow valleys and outstanding views, and the surroundings offer lush green, which adds more beauty to the village. In the hub of the village, there is a small church and a bar.

Hiking in Masca Tenerife

You can walk from Masca village to the inlet of Masca on the coast, and while coming back, it takes more time, almost six hours.

The is a perfect route for more experienced hikers. The walk towards the ravine climb is 600m high above the sea, and the narrow canyon is only 20m wide.

Your Tenerife holidays will not be perfect if you will not visit this gorgeous small village in the middle of the mountains. To find more places like Masca visit our Tenerife travel guide.