North Tenerife

Earlier, North Tenerife is known as the lonely planet as people consider it as a quiet place compared to the South Tenerife. But, in recent years, many tourists are visiting the North as the place offers the most attractive and adventure activities. This place also filled up with affordable boutique hotels and resorts have opened.

Also, British Airways’ has direct flights to the North Tenerife. So, now the visitors can directly come to North Tenerife, and they can avoid a one-hour long drive from the south. People are now enjoying the more traditional music of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and drama companies and visiting opera.

Tenerife North

Tenerife North

On their Tenerife holidays, visitors can explore the places in the North Tenerife includes:

  • Jardin Botanico
  • Casa de Los Balcones
  • Loro Parque
  • Sitio Litre Garden

Jardín Botánico:

Jardin Botanico is a beautiful botanical garden established in 1788. The garden has several thousand of different plants collected from all over the world. The place is the ideal for relaxing and unwinding your tensions just by smelling the roses. You can also find a wide collection of subtropical and tropical plants, and also a wide range of Palms from all over the world is available here. The herbal garden fragrances and the biggest 200-year old gum tree from Australia.

The garden is maintained very well and the signposts are very clear and easy to read for drivers. Also, most of the interurban buses stop where you can catch a bus if you want to go to a town.

Tenerife north

Jardin Botanico

Casa de Los Balcones:

The place is very inspiring, and here you can find a large mansion that was built in 1632. To avoid Chinese imports and to respect the local needle work, they devoted the room for lacework. You can also find a grocery store with a real brew wine press.

Loro Parque:

The Loro Parque flag is found everywhere and you will find the display all over the Tenerife. The place is famous because of it holds 350 species of parrots, which is considered as the world’s largest collection. Now, the park has more animals, including gorillas, tigers, and Chimpanzees along with the different parrot species collection. Also, the park takes care of the captive dolphins and orcas, and they also perform in shows.

The other exhibits in the park include a penguin, and you can also enjoy the real snow and a subterranean aquarium. The park also offers several other attractions such as HD cinema.

Tenerife north

Loro Parque

Sitio Litre Garden:

This beautiful garden is elegantly decorated with fountains, walkways, subtropical and tropical flowers and plants. Also, you can see the oldest dragon tree in the town. The best walkway is obviously the orchid walk where you will go through a green house where you can enjoy the sight of beautiful orchids. The place offers a terrace café and gift shop.

Tenerife north

Sitio Litre Garden

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