Playa Paraiso Tenerife

Holiday resort Playa Paraiso Tenerife is located on the South-west coast of Tenerife. The resort is also part of the Adeje municipal district on the west coast of Tenerife. It is located around eight kilometers north of the crowded Playa de Las Americas, another popular Tenerife holidays resort. The Playa Paraiso is in the middle of Callao Salvaje and Playa de Las Americas.

Mostly, the visitors arrive at the Tenerife south airport, which is a 20km away from the resort. Most of these visitors make their own arrangements for the journey. You can either hire a car or taxi at the airport. Taxis do operate only fixed prices. The fixed price may vary depending on the passengers and the luggage as well. The price also depends on the time, day or night journey, etc.

Playa Paraiso Tenerife Beaches:

It has three small beaches located in very small rocky coasts. First is The Las Galgas beach. Hotel Roca Narai Hotel and Hotel Riu Buena Vista Club hotel is close to the beach.

The other two beaches of Playa Paraiso Tenerife resort have pebbles and gravel. Another beach that is close to the resort contains a big sea water pool known as Lago Paraiso.

Playa Paraiso Tenerife

Playa Paraiso Tenerife

The lack of beach in the resort made it compensate with the huge salt water pool. You can also find other facilities inside the resort like restaurants and shops. The popular resorts, including Callao Salvaje and Playa de Las Americas, are not far away. The place offers a lively atmosphere and energetic nightlife.

You can visit Playa Paraiso Tenerife at any time of the year. The place offers an excellent climate all over the year.

The Playa Paraiso gets busy during the summer months. Many visitors visit the place during the summer. Even in winter, the place attracts quite a lot of visitors.

Resort Playa Paraiso Tenerife Is Child-Friendly:

Your kids will enjoy this resort. It is perfect beach for children. With a fine-grained sand, it has plenty of room to play. The water is also not very shallow, and the coastline is covered with stones.

Beach Restaurants:

The refreshments are available at the Las Galgas… the main beach. But only during the peak season.
The Playa Paraiso is a comparatively quiet holiday resort. It has several big and good hotels, several restaurants, small shops, and bars.

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