Santa Cruz Tenerife

Santa Cruz Tenerife is also called as Santa Cruz. It is a capital city of the Canary Islands. This capital city is located on the Tenerife Island. The population of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife is around 200,000. That is

The port of Santa Cruz is the center and the communication hub between Africa, Europe, and America. The capital city is the focus for the interisland and domestic transport in the Canary Islands.

Before heading to the beaches, stay in the city for a couple of days. This beautiful Spanish city has a lot to offer to the visitors. The brightly painted buildings, peculiar shops, outstanding Auditorium and excellent museums. This city is a perfect place for your Tenerife Holidays.

Santa Cruz Tenerife

Santa Cruz Tenerife

The city also offers high-quality accommodations, restaurants, and excellent transport system. You have many things to explore in this busy city.

The Tenerife Island allows you to enjoy the magnificent beaches such as Las Teresitas.  You can experience the city of San Cristobal de La Laguna, which is declared as the World Heritage Site. Or you can visit the gorgeous Teide National Park which is the natural symbol of the island.

Santa Cruz Tenerife

Piso Torres De Santa Cruz

History Of The Santa Cruz Tenerife

The Santa Cruz Tenerife’s about four hundred years old. The city did not develop until the last century. The Santa Cruz Tenerife port is the main root for the development of the city. Huge avenues encircled by a popular inheritance of modern architecture.

There is also ancient part of the city… a must visit.

The ancient part of the city has several churches and religious monuments.  The church of San Francisco is the most beautiful church in the island.

Churches and architecture are not all that this gorgeous city can offer you.

Santa Cruz Tenerife is a place with a lot of great Tenerife accommodation places. There is many good hotels and apartments waiting. You will enjoy a great time if you will choose to visit Santa Cruz.