Shopping in Tenerife

So, you want to go into shopping in Tenerife. The Tenerife Island offers the best shopping experience to the shopper. The shoppers can find anything that they want on the Island. The street of the Tenerife is filled with vibrant shops and the streets are filled with fresh produce and a range of goods. Also, there are several shopping centers located on the coastline. The Island offers high street brand and quality names and gives exciting shopping experience to the shoppers. The Tenerife Island is a duty-free district, that means all products are a lot cheaper than any other parts of the world.

Though the island is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you cannot underrate your shopping experience at Tenerife. Here, you can find the most stylish and modern malls with top brands to value Tenerife market with beautiful Tenerife crafts and arts. The Tenerife Island can never fail to surprise its visitors. Not only with beautiful beaches and outstanding restaurants but also offers the best shopping experience to all the visitors.

shopping in Tenerife

Shopping in Tenerife

Best shopping in Tenerife – Plaza del Duque

The Plaza del Duque located southern coast of Costa Adeje, it is a high-class area and it was recently developed by investors to draw more tourists. The Plaza Del Duque is a popular shopping center in Tenerife, it offers a comfortable shopping experience to the visitors. The place is built with a unique architectural setting. The mall contains sixty shops and restaurants, including the famous Cartier, Porsche Design, and Escada. Also, several other affordable brands, including Esprit, Desigual, and Mango. The mall also has the beauty salon, Azabache where you can get pampered.

Also, you can get a unique hairdo or give yourself a treat with manicure etc. If you are looking for something different and yummy taste food, then you can try at Creperie where you can get a homemade tortilla. You can also enjoy a cigar at Ganesh, it is a liqueur, tobacco, and cigar bar, but it is only for the reserved crowd.

shopping in Tenerife

Tenerife Shopping

Safari Shopping Centre fountain Tenerife

The Playa de Las Americas offers the best shops in Tenerife. It is one of the posh areas of South Tenerife for shopping. If you are visiting the Island during the Christmas time, then don’t forget to shop at Safari Shopping Centre. You can enjoy the magical decorations in the mall.

Here in this place, every evening, you can watch the dancing fountain show, which attracts the visitors and shoppers. The view from the Cocktail bar is the best to watch the show. The place gives you the most exciting and memorable shopping experience in Tenerife.

shopping in Tenerife

Shopping for food in Tenerife

El Mirador Commercial Centre Tenerife

If you are looking for something more real and authentic, then go to Costa Adeje. There is an excellent resort of Playa Del Duque. It looks similar to the old village of Canarias Island with narrow streets that take you to the charming squares where you can find a range of cafes and restaurants. Here you can find local arts and crafts to buy.

Shopping in Tenerife is just one of the things to do in Tenerife during your Tenerife holidays.