Tenerife Carnival

The Tenerife carnival held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. They celebrate the festival every year in the month of February in the capital city of Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is the capital city of the island and many people from all over the world visit the place to celebrate the festivity.

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is considered as the second most popular and globally known carnival after the Rio de Janeiro Carnival held in Brazil.

The carnival brings the unique zest of the festival that took birth in the lap of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and it brought happiness to people globally. You will be surprised to see the continuous list of shows that take part one after the other in the festival, the fun starts in the early February and ends in the month of March.

People dance in ecstasy until the early hours of the next day. The festivity continues until Wednesday. However, the real party starts on the following weekend, and the people celebrate the Pinata on the weekend.

The locals celebrate the festival in two parts, including the Carnival on the street and the Official Carnival. In the official carnival, there are more than 100 groups, including Comprasas, Rondallas, Murgas, and other musical groups. The Carnival on the Street is organized casually and includes the people who are celebrating on the streets. Every day, thousands of people participate on the streets and celebrate the festivity. Most people dressed up in a carnival tradition and make their presence notable on the streets of the capital city.

Traditional Tenerife carnival events:

The main setting for Carnival and the queen elections use to take place at the Teatro Guimera until 1985. Then it was held at the Plaza de Toros in 1986 to 1988. The central round stage was decorated with the silver crown in 1986 and 87, but it was replaced by a golden crown in 1988. Extra settings are integrated in 2005. Including the Ferias Congresos de Tenerife and in 2008, they included the Esplanade of Parks. Due to the construction of Centro Internacional de Ferias Congresos de Tenerife, extra Carnival settings have assorted.

Tenerife carnival

Tenerife carnival procession

Recently, the authorities have included tickets for several events, including the Gala of the Queen and Final Murgas Adultas Contest. You should be very quick to get the ticket as they can be sold out very quickly. Sometimes in less than an hour, the complete seats around 20,000 seats will be filled up. Tenerife carnival is one of the main Tenerife attractions.