Tenerife Travel Guide

Tenerife welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world every year. This beautiful island provides the most luxurious facilities which are located on the beautiful sandy beaches. With the help of Tenerife travel guide, you will be able to explore this elegant and romantic holiday spot.

Visitors find Tenerife as an exotic and extraordinary island. It offers a different experience to each visitor. People visit this island for different reasons…

…to unwind their stressful life and get relaxation.

…some love adventures and nature

…enjoy the sun on any of the Tenerife beaches.

Why Should You Visit Tenerife? 

Here are just a few reasons why people visit Tenerife:

  • tropical forest walks
  • beautiful Carnival celebrations
  • deep invasion into Volcanic Lava
  • modern art temples and museums
  • squeaky old colonial towns
  • gorgeous sunny beaches
Tenerife travel guide suggestion: Pico del Teide

Best of all, this drama island offers a dramatic Pico del Teide which is wrapped in the snow in the winter. Pico del Teide is Spain’s tallest mountain and offers among others the best hiking experience to the visitors.

Here Are Few Basic Things About Tenerife

First what you should learn from our Tenerife travel guide are the basics about Tenerife island.

You will not get usual facts and information here. For the facts and usual information about Tenerife, you should visit Wikipedia where you will get it all.

We will do our best and try to give you different information about Tenerife. How we see the island through our eyes. You will see what we enjoyed the most. Which food we ate and what are the best restaurants.

Tenerife is the Canary Island’s largest island and it is a wonderful world of dissimilarity. The peaceful combination of sand and sun, leisure, and beautiful nature made this place as the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

Tenerife travel guide suggestion: When your airplane will land and you will wait for your suitcases look around. There are tables with free Tenerife map. Take one. You will need it later when you will explore the island.

Tenerife travel guide

Get free Tenerife map at the airport

Tenerife Airports

Tenerife is the island with two airports. On the north side of the island there is TFN airport (North Airport) and on the south, you will find TFS airport (South Airport). International TFS airport on the south side was previously known as Reina Sofia Airport. It is larger than TFN airport on the north and it has also much more traffic.

Cheap flights to Tenerife

Car Hire Tenerife

Car hire in Tenerife: It is easy to rent a car on Tenerife. You can do it right at the airport. Another option is to get to your holiday destination using taxi and then hire a car at the hotel or in the town. Click the link and learn more about car hire Tenerife.

Beautiful Coast

The coast is around 269 kilometers long and offers a variety of entertainment to the tourists. Most of them come here to enjoy the sea and the sun.

Tenerife travel guide

Beautiful Tenerife coast

The High-Quality Infrastructure, Luxurious Hotels, and Outstanding Leisure Activities

The warm and welcoming community are the reasons that millions of people visit the Tenerife Island every year and spend their memorable vacation happily.

On the south side, you will find Arona and Adeje cities with several gorgeous beaches. Tenerife climate allows you to swim and sunbathe at any season of the year. It offers hot summer days and moderate temperatures in winter. The high-quality infrastructure, luxurious hotels, and outstanding leisure activities. The warm and welcoming community are the reasons that millions of people visit the Tenerife Island every year…  and spend their memorable Tenerife holidays here.

Tenerife Travel Guide: Weather and Climate

Find out the current weather conditions, satellite images, forecast, and learn about the average temperatures. Learn all about the weather in Tenerife.

From The Sunny Beaches To Volcanic Lunar Landscape

From the exhilarating resorts in the south of the Island to the beautiful volcanic lunar landscape of MTNP (Mount Teide National Park) the highest peak in Spain. The Tenerife is packed with impressive mountains, beautiful coastlines, and magnificent golden sandy beaches. It contains two world heritage sites, including Teide National Park and the city of San Cristobal de La Laguna.

The island also contains forty-two natural protected regions. The visitors who visit the place have plenty to discover, and they make their trip the most exciting and memorable one.

The Pleasant Climate Attracts People From All Over The World

Tenerife is the best place to visit with family. Couples also like it. It is the exotic island where you can find activities for all age groups. The Island offers everything that you need to have a peaceful and memorable holiday.

The hotels in the island offer luxurious comfort and are available at affordable prices.

Hotels in Tenerife

There are hundreds of hotels. In our Tenerife travel guide, we will talk only about hotels we or our friends already tried. You can find the great hotels all over the Tenerife.

Here are some good hotels:

On the south in Costa Adeje, there is very good luxury hotel Colon Guanahani. Is close to the most popular beaches.

Another very good place to stay is Hotel Jardin Tropical and it is located in San Eugenio. The Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort is one of the best and striking resorts in Tenerife. Hotel Southern Playa del Duque offers the beautiful sea view.

If you like luxury there is the lavish 5-star, Gran Lujo is one of the best hotels in the South of Tenerife.

The Hotel Reserva Ambiental & Golf are close to the Golf del Sur. It is a famous golf resort for golf lovers.

Hotels in The North

In the north, you can also find the luxury resort of Puerto de la Curz located in the dazzling landscape of the La Orotava. If you take a short drive from the streets of the quaint cobbled, the old town, you can reach Hotel Botanico and the beautiful Oriental Spa Garden. This five-star hotel offers luxury and comfort, and you can have a relaxed vacation with their splendid spa services. These resorts are also close to the amazing beach of Playa Jardin.

 Amazing Services And Facilities

The four-star Hotel Beatriz Atlantis is, enclosed by the beautiful landscape. This seafront hotel is close to Lago Martianez, where you can enjoy the world’s best swimming pools, waterfalls, and lakes.

Several four-star hotels in Tenerife offer amazing service at a very affordable price.

All these hotels and resort offers amazing services and facilities, and you can make your stay the most memorable one.

Choosing the right Tenerife accommodation always help you enjoy your trip. Especially when you are visiting with your family and friends.

You will also able to find comfortable Tenerife apartments, hostels, resorts, and villas at very reasonable prices.

We will be adding new hotels to our Tenerife travel guide all the time. Make sure to check our Tenerife accommodation page often so you will not miss anything.

Tenerife travel guide suggestion: Three villages you MUST visit

Beautiful villages such as Garachico and Masca which located in the mountain valley. On the west coast, the dangerous cliffs of Los Gigantes offer a spectacular view. There are more beautiful places on the island.

Tenerife travel guide

Tenerife Travel Guide Must Visit Places

Teide National Park:

Your visit to Tenerife is not complete unless you take a drive through the beautiful pine forests to the strange lunar landscape. That gorgeous landscape is a part of popular Teide National Park. Also, you cannot miss the beautiful volcano in the park…. it is not any normal volcano, it is the Mount Teide, the world’s 3rd largest volcano. The cable car will take you almost on the top of this volcano. The upper station is located Located at 3,555 m altitude.

Masca A Small Mountain Village:

Masca Tenerife, the scenic village in Tenerife Island, clings on the side of the mountains in the northwest of the Tenerife. It’s a lonely village hidden from the civilization of Tenerife. It still carries the centuries-old legacy. To reach the village, you have to use switchback road from Santiago del Teide that corkscrews up and down to the village. However, it’s an adventurous trip, which is not recommended for all age groups, especially for elders and kids. But, it’s a lifetime adventure that you don’t want to miss.

Whales and Dolphins:

The Tenerife and LaGomera waters are one of the few places in the world where you can see dolphins and whales. There is also boat excursion available to watch this natural wonder. You can also go close and watch the gigantic whales and dolphins on a personal boat trip.

The Cliffs Of Los Gigantes:

It gives a breathtaking experience. You must see the cliffs of Los Gigantes. The cliff plunge 1600 feet into the Atlantic. The stones that are covered, like curtain set… you must see that. Believe me, it will take your breath away in a good sense. The best way to watch this scene is by taking a boat ride.


Today Garachico is a picture of the perfect town. In the past Garachico suffers from heavy storms, fires, pestilence, and plagues. The volcano eruptions occurred in 1706 has destroyed half of the town. Like a valiant Phoenix, Garachico gets up from the lava, the place emerged from debris and became one of the beautiful places in Tenerife.

The place makes you feel safe and welcoming and takes you to the different world. It gives you an unforgettable experience. The cobbled streets, the beautiful white houses, and romantic sea views make this Garchico the heavenly place.

The Garchico is located on the northwest coast of Tenerife, and it takes an hour drive from Los Cristianos and only thirty minutes from Puerto de la Cruz.

There is a lot more you can see and do in Garachico.

Pyramids Of Güímar:

These pyramids give you the same impression as Egypt ones. Of course, pyramids in Egypt are bigger and more impressive. However, the Guimar Pyramids offer mysterious scenes and the anatomy of the Mummy. It’s an interesting sight in the national park filled with ancient artifacts and serene surroundings.

Anaga Mountains:

Anaga Mountains have small hamlets hanging to the sides of magical dragon tree forests and steep ravines which offers outstanding scenery. The locals still live like ancients. There is not much civilization happened in those mountains.

Botanical Garden In Puerto De La Cruz:

Botanical garden in Puerto de la Cruz is the oldest botanical garden in Spain. Garden has more than three thousand specimens of the world’s unique trees and plants. This botanical garden has most particular kind of plants where you can find breadfruit trees, drunken trees, cacti and the plants that are found from the Lost World. If you like plants and trees you must visit this botanical garden.

Are You Already Hungry? It Is Time To Visit a Good Restaurant

When you are on holiday you want to eat something good. Right? I am sure that you want to try some of the local dishes or at least good steak. It is not hard to find a good restaurant in Tenerife. But find one that is really good is not so easy. We visited a lot of restaurants in Tenerife. Some good, some not.

To get a good food… suggestions from people who were already there are more than welcome. Our Tenerife travel guide should help you… to get only into restaurants you will be happy to spend money with.

Tenerife Travel Guide – Best Tenerife Restaurants

Here is our list of best restaurants we or our friends already visited, ate there and were satisfied with the food and service.

Below are only a few of these restaurants.

El Calderito de la Abuela: The El Calderito de la Abuela is a popular restaurant in north Tenerife.

Kabuki Abama: The restaurant embraces a Michelin Star.

Martín Berasategui (MB): The Martin Berasategui, a famous chef who is known by his initials MB become the prominent chef in several popular restaurants.

Restaurante La Vieja: This restaurant is located in the fishing village of La Caleta. The restaurant La Vieja is famous for its fresh, delicious seafood and fish dishes.

Bar Restaurante El Cine: The Bar Restaurant El Cine offers a large variety of mouth-watering Canary Specialties, and the restaurant has been providing the services for more than 25 years. It is located opposite to Los Cristianos beach. The menu includes the flavors of traditional Canary delicacies, with top-quality and simple produce obtained from local farmers and fishermen.

Lucas Maes: Lucas Maes Restaurant is named after the young and talented Chef who migrated from Belgium. Currently, he runs the restaurant along with his wife.

Good Restaurants With Delicious Food

Click here and learn more about these and many more of best Tenerife restaurants.

These are some of the restaurants that offer the traditional Tenerife Island dishes. They also add the modern tastes and touches to make the dishes even more palatable and delicious. Sometimes you should trust your feeling and visit restaurant which look good and you feel that you will get good food there. That is what we do all the time.

Sometimes you should trust your feeling and visit restaurant which look good and you feel that you will get good food there. That is what we do all the time.

Tenerife Travel Guide For Families

Tenerife Island is one of the beautiful Islands that offer loads of entertainment and activities for all ages. The Tenerife Island is the best place for family holidays. The beautiful sandy beaches and energetic nights describe south coast towns such as Playa de Las Americas. However, the west coast offers a relaxing lifestyle. The exciting volcanic environment in the Teide National Park is the perfect place for family walks and picnics.

You can take your kids to Tenerife for a summer holiday and spend two weeks on the beautiful beaches.  Kids will enjoy different activities and have wonderful and memorable time.

Child-Friendly Resorts and Hotels:

Costa Adeje is one of the best spots for a family holiday in Tenerife. David Beckham loves to spend the holiday with his family in Costa Adeje at chilled-out beaches.

You can reach Costa Adeje through free bus service from Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas. The waterpark is open all around the years from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

SplashWorld and Holiday Village hotels are particularly designed for children. They offer several fun things for kids and make their stay a memorable one. The Holiday Village offers the best night shows, bowling alley, and the huge swimming pool for kids.

The Villa Mandi, a SplashWorld hotel offers a VIP access to SPW (Siam Park Water park)

Best Tenerife Attractions For Kids and Adults

Without the question, you should visit each one of these attractions. Your kids will love them and you will have a hard time to get them back to your Tenerife holidays accommodation. We visit them every year and always discover something new and interesting. It is no matter if you are 75 years old, we guarantee you that you will always have a great experience there.

Siam Park: A Must Go If You Have Children

Tenerife travel guide

Siam Park Tenerife

You might be wondering what this Thai themed water park is doing on the Spanish Island? The advice is, stop wondering, and start enjoying. This waterpark is a must see on your list, and it is guaranteed that you will have more fun than ever.  It is not a natural attraction, but still, the best one that you cannot miss. Siam Park is in the list of the best ten water parks in the world.

What About Safety In The Siam Park

Siam Park is the most safety park that has no previous fatal records ever. So, you can keep all your worries aside and get ready to take up the hard and challenging rides.

The Siam Park does not disappoint any individual who loves chutes, huge rides, and slides. It offers fun and entertainment for all ages. If you are 1.25m height, then you can enjoy the most horrified rides.

All these incredible rides are worth a try if you are not scared of life and want to get thrilling experience.

Loro Parque 

The place is filled with different shows and animals. According to Trip Advisor in Loro Park is the best zoo in Europe. Only to see the amazing dolphin shows make the place worth visiting.

Other shows in the park include sea lions, parrots, the orca show and nature vision show. There are also children’s playground Kinderlandia, Parrot baby station, many restaurants and a huge parrot museum.

The Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz is also surrounded by exotic jungle and 8,000 palm trees. You can also enjoy bicycle riding, and watch sharks, killer whales. This is the place you don’t want to miss, at any chance.

Tenerife Travel guide

Loro Parque

The Yellow Submarine – Marina San Miguel

Marina San Miguel takes you to explore the marine under water life. The yellow submarine takes you into the deep water and allows you to watch the underwater life through the window.

This Is Better Than Scuba Diving

This is perfect and you will not get wet. To take great underwater photos you will not have to wear scuba diving equipment. You will love submarine safari.


Tenerife travel guide

Submarine Safaris – Photo Credit: of www.submarinesafaris.com

You should put it on your the must-to-do list. Submarine safari ride is for all age groups. Mostly the younger kids love this ride.

Tenerife is a home for 28 different species, and whales migrate every year. If you will be lucky you may see one or more on your submarine excursion.

The Marina San Miguel is at South Tenerife, and it is open from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, but no dives on Saturday.

Living In Tenerife

Many tourists decide to stay permanently on Tenerife. Living in Tenerife is not expensive. That is why a lot of European people decide to move on Tenerife when they get retired.

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