Things to do in Tenerife

There are several things to do in Tenerife and here you will find some of them.

As you should already know by now, the Tenerife is the biggest and the most populated Island of the Canary Islands. This beautiful island is famous for its different selection of natural spots and landmarks. Every year millions of people visit Tenerife from all parts of the world. Island is also known as the best tourist destination in Spain.

To make everything easier for you… we created a list of places and attractions you should visit first. They are listed below. It is not a big list, but we feel that you should start with them.

Our recommendation on things to do in Tenerife.

1. Teide National Park: Number one on your things to do in Tenerife list

We like it! It is on top of our list of“must visit” places in Tenerife. You must include the Mount Teide National Park in your things to do in Tenerife list… you should not miss this beauty. This national park has unique landscapes and various trails that imitate stark & barren. In the national park, the main attraction is the cable car ride that takes you to the top of Mount Teide and its volcano. Just to let you know… the Mount Teide is the highest mountain in Spain.

things to do in Tenereife

The cable car will take you 3,555 m above sea level.

Opening times

The cable car runs between 9.00am and 4.00pm. They could change opening time so it is better if you check it before you go there. Also in the case of bad weather cable car does not run.


Resident adult: €13.50
Resident child: €9.50

Non-resident adult: €27
Non-resident child: €13.50

2. Loro Parque: This should be number two on your things to do in Tenerife list

The Loro Parque is a wildlife sanctuary and zoo located on the outskirts of Santa Cruz. This park has a wide range of animal species. You will see a lot of parrots. It also has a large parrot museum that showcases thousands of different varieties of parrots. The Loro Parque zoo displays an entire marine life on the large fake glacier. The park also includes a local market, playground for children and regular live animal shows.

Loro Parque

Loro Parque

3. Los Gigantes Cliffs:

The Los Gigantes is the natural landmark of the Tenerife. These beautiful cliffs attract thousands of tourists every year. The Los Gigantes Cliffs have vertical faces that go 1,600 feet up vertically from the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. Also, the visitors can take the boat ride to see the Los Gigantes Cliffs up close. You can also see them from various bars and seafront restaurants located in the town.

Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes

4. Guimar Pyramids:

The Guimar Pyramids are a collection of 6-freestanding pyramids, which were built in the 19th century outside of the town. These pyramids are an inspiring sight as they did not use mortar to build the pyramids. These pyramids are situated in the center of a huge archaeological site that also has a museum. Tourists can visit the pyramids only, or you can opt for a guided tour that can help you understand the history better.

Pyramids of Güímar

Pyramids of Güímar

5. Puerto de la Cruz Botanical Gardens:

The Puerto de la Cruz Botanical Gardens located on the hills and it covers more than 215,000sqft. The botanical garden includes a large variety of various subtropical and tropical from the mainland. The Puerto de la Cruz botanical gardens have different ways to take tourists through themed areas covering with trees, flowers and various other exotic plants.


Puerto de la Cruz Botanical Gardens

Puerto de la Cruz Botanical Garden

Puerto de la Cruz Botanical Garden – Opening Times

October – March     9am – 6pm                                   April – September     9am – 7pm

6. Parque Rural de Anaga

Parque Rural de Anaga is a large park that has dense jungle regions and also slightly populated mountainsides. This beautiful Park is located in the northeastern part of Tenerife. It is perfect for hiking or you can utilize car and bus rides which are also available. You can also take guided tours to 26 small villages sited in the park.

These are some many other things to do in Tenerife Island. We put together this short list for you…  to have a solid start exploring the beauty of the island and take some unforgettable photos.

Parque Rural de Anaga

Parque Rural de Anaga

7. Tenerife Excursions

Tenerife excursions and experiences at the best prices…

8. La Laguna Tenerife

La Laguna Tenerife is the historic town you must visit.

9. La Orotava Tenerife

Another historical town you should visit is La Orotava Tenerife

10. Siam Park Tenerife

Siam Park Tenerife is a new water kingdom that you should not miss. It is one of the best water parks in the world.

11. Shops in Tenerife

Check out some of the very good shops in Tenerife.

12. Play Golf

Tenerife Golf – Did you know that you can play on Tenerife golf through all year?

13. El Dragos

Icod de los Vinos is a small village on the north-west side of the island. Its main attraction El Dragos or Dragon tree. You should visit it.