Walking Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world, and now the popularity has increased among Brits. They are realizing the beauty and the breathtaking sceneries of this beautiful subtropical Tenerife Island of the Canary Islands. The Island offers the exciting activities and thrilling experiences to all the visitors of all age groups.

The beauty of this Island is, it gives several options to choose, including mountain routes, especially when you have enough stamina. Walking on this route gives you extreme pleasure for sure as it offers full of surprises. You can also choose to walk on the shore for more relaxing and leisurely experience.

Walking Tenerife

Walking Tenerife

Walking in Tenerife gives you the most memorable experience as you can see the sights that most of the people haven’t seen before. You can explore the sights by taking your own time as you are not attached to any itinerary. While walking on these beautiful streets and if you see any attractive restaurant, then you can take a small break, and please yourself with some refreshments.

At any time, Walking in Tenerife always gives you more pleasure than driving the car on the streets. It allows you to explore steep ravines, forests, moonscape regions, volcanic, and splendid coastlines. Most of these places do not entertain any huge crowd, and most of the time it will completely isolate. So, you can enjoy the quiet and tranquil atmosphere all by yourself.

Walking Tenerife

Walking in Tenerife

Useful Tips:

Water: Water is essential when you are walking in Tenerife. You need to drink plenty of water when you are walking. So, don’t forget to take plenty of water along with you when you start walking Tenerife. However, the city has arranged fountain drinks at some of the popular places called Zonas Recreativas where you can drink pure spring water. But, it is always suggestible to take your own water bottle, especially when you are walking.

Clothes: People who are planning to walk; it is advisable to wear layers of clothes. Because in some places, the temperature changes drastically, so you never know when you need extra clothing. If you are walking at elevation, suddenly you feel cold as the area is enclosed with damp, cold, and thick mist. Putting on the layers of clothes can help you withstand the drastic weather changes.

Sunscreen and Hat: Also, many people take it easy, when it comes to applying sunscreen. But, it is the most forceful advice to all the tourists to apply sunscreen before you start walking. Also, don’t forget to take your hat as some places may not provide any shade.

Footwear: It is also the important factor to consider, and it is common sense to wear proper footwear. If you are walking in the pine forests and mountain areas, then you should compulsory wear the best hiking boots. If you are walking on the coastline, then you can choose a pair of sandals.