Weather in Tenerife

Weather in Tenerife is nice and warm no matter if is summer or winter. Tenerife is also known as the “Eternal Spring” because of its excellent climate and weather conditions all around the year.  You will NOT need an umbrella. All you need is sunglasses and something to cover your head. That is why we love this beautiful island so much. It is almost always warm and sunny… just as we liked.

If you are planning a vacation trip to Tenerife you shouldn’t need to worry about the weather. You are guaranteed a perfect level of heat, plenty of the sunshine and little rain all around the year. But it is not the same weather on the entire island.

The Tenerife is a mountainous island that is situated in the cool and calm North Atlantic Ocean. Island is also near to the West coast of Africa. All these factors increase the unique weather conditions and regional climatic variation.

Temperature in Tenerife right now

Weather in Tenerife south coast:

South Coast Tenerife is where you can find the majority of resorts and hotels. South is warm around the whole year. It offers pleasant hot summer for the summer visitors. You can choose Playa Paraiso and Playa de Las Americas resorts for your stay where you can get outstanding services and amenities. The Western Sahara winds affect the South East Island and cause dry and hot weather.

June – September: Summer Weather in Tenerife:

From June to September the average high temperature increases gradually from mid-twenties 28 degrees from July to September. During the night the temperature is cooler… around 19 to 20 degrees. However, the regular trade winds assure that the heat will not cause any uncomfortable. Water temperature never gets too hot. Of course, if you are brave you can always jump into the ocean.

Throughout the summer you can witness that the first three months the sunshine stays nine hours per day and eight hours in September. The rainfall is very less in Tenerife; because of this the Island also faces the drought and also causes forest fires that spread quickly because of dry vegetation. The fire spreads fast because of strong winds.

Autumn weather in Tenerife:

October to November is the autumn season in Tenerife, the climate is still hot, but you can also see some rainfall during this season. In October the average high temperature is 27 degrees, and in November it decreases to 25 degrees Celsius. The sea temperature remains same, and the sunshine levels stay up to 6 to 7hrs per day. Though it rains in autumn, still the showers are brief. You don’t see many visitors in Tenerife during autumn.

Winter weather in Tenerife:

December to February is the winter season, in this season the climate is quite wet sometimes and also warm. The January is the coolest month of this season, and you can average high temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Many people even enjoy the beach during this season.

Also, you should know that these weather conditions change according to the locations in Northern Europe in midsummer. This island is the best destination if you are planning a Tenerife holidays because it allows you to visit the place all around the year.

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